Tasso restaurant Sorrento

ristorante tasso, tasso restaurant sorrento

“Authentic, creative, delicious, exclusive”.


This is how the Ristorante Tasso is described, a Sorrento restaurant by birth and vocation.

The Chef of the Tasso, in fact, while keeping an eye on new trends in the food and wine sector, prioritises the tastes of his local tradition, in full respect of values such as:

  • Territoriality
  • Seasonality
  • Availability

Those who manage a restaurant business, however, are well aware of how maintaining faith in these principles and values is not always easy.

To find the right combination of business and good food, the standardisation of processes can be a valuable ally.

How to create standardised processes without affecting the passion and creativity needed in the kitchen?

With an informed use of technology.

This is how the Tasso restaurant decided to invest in training and improving processes.

Taking advantage of the benefits of the tax credit for Industry 4.0, this restaurant, which seats about 260 indoors, now has a new ally in the kitchen.

1 Hundred

It is the only multifunction blast chiller of its kind, capable of supporting the Chef and the kitchen staff, throughout the entire process of transforming the products.

Thank you to the temperature range that can be set from -40 to +100°C and at the humidity level in the chamber, it is possible to perform rapid cooking and blast chilling, with combined cycles that can be easily managed even remotely.

Why turn to a partner who can provide professional advice?

Realising a new kitchen project, or renovating an existing space not only means structuring the spaces, but also understanding and improving the processes in the kitchen. That is why it is essential to rely on the right professional!

Our partner I.T.A. srl, located in the heart of the Sorrento peninsula, is the reliable and professional partner for those who want a high quality consulting and installation service.

If you operate in the HORECA sector and would like to renew or improve your business processes, contact us to meet our dealer comm@afinox.com