Historic, iconic, Peratoner Pastry has brought prestige to the city of Pordenone since 1974 and is one of the 5 best chocolate shops in Italy.

In that year, Giuseppe Faggiotto discovered the secrets of the great maitres chocolatiers and became a chocolate artisan.

Skilled, creative and with a limitless imagination, he produces more than a hundred different flavours of pralines in a year, along with cremini and sculptures that characterise this unique establishment.

Today, amidst the late 19th-century furnishings and the Viennese-style counter, the majestic fountain stands out, over a metre high, from which 35 kg of dark chocolate gushes.

In this historical context we are proud to have brought all our innovative contribution with the technology of Infinity 15 start, the multifunction blast chiller with 9″ TOUCH screen, multipoint core probe and integrated Evocloud software. The ideal solution for storing and preserving pastry creations.