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Innovation, care and passion are the values that have inspired us for over 30 years.

Innovation, care and passion are the values that have inspired us for over 30 years.

Since 1980, Afinox is the Italian and world-wide specialist in the design and production of blast chillers, refrigerated cabinets, drop in display cases and other equipment for preparing and displaying food in various application fields.

Technology, attention to detail, experience and dedication are the values that Afinox has always cultivated in every production phase, by committing to offer to its customers efficient products that are always up to expectations.

Afinox: the benchmark in professional refrigeration.


Blast chillers

Refrigerated cabinets

Refrigerated tables

Pizza prep counters and tables


Drop in wells and display cases

Food islands



Display cabinets

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Accompanied by an increasingly dense network of Chefs, Confectioners and Restaurant Professionals

Some of our references:

Welcome to Scotland, to the Cutty Sark! Succulent ribs, shin, burgers and beers come to life at this quaint Scottish eatery.

Succulent ribs, shin, burgers and select beers come to life at this quaint Scottish-style eatery.And for a few years now that Afinox technology has also entered the Cutti Sark.

Thanks to Infinity’s cook and chill cycle, the pub is able to reduce the time it takes to process orders, improving its organization in the kitchen!

Known among the best brands of international hospitality, the Hotels & Resorts brand Hilton is undoubtedly the best known in the world, with its 550 hotels, present in 79 countries and 6 continents.
The concept of innovation in its restaurants and genuine hospitality make Hilton the immediate choice for most travelers all over the world. Hilton Guangzou de China chooses the Afinox built-in hot tubs to guarantee the quality of its catering service.

The Anz Stadium Australia, is the multi-functional sports facility in Sydney, completed in 1999 and later renovated in 2003. Home to major national and international events (in 2003 it was home to the Rugby World Cup final), has a capacity of 80 000 places.

We are proud to present the ambitious project realized in partnership with our local dealer Able at this important sporting center, where 5 multi-function 40 Infinity trays have been installed.

Afinox experience at your service

It has been our policy over the years: we overcome the concept of product and create value around it by offering consulting, customer service and support at every stage of


We are constantly testing the degree of customer satisfaction to offer professional refrigeration products and services that are always up to expectations.

It is from direct customer comparison that the best ideas are born to improve and respond to different needs in a timely and appropriate manner.

Environmental protection is one of our main interests, both with regard to the energy consumption of our products and the internal production processes.

We combine high technological value with strong aesthetic impact, to provide practical and visually beautiful eqipment.

We are always looking for new solutions to offer our customers all the best reinventions of professional refrigeration, under the brand of constant technological innovation.