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Product’s User and Maintenance Manuals

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The product’s user and maintenance manuals can be found at this website: https://manuals.pixwell.org/.

Within the site you will find macro-categories at the top of the screen where you must click on one of them to access the selected category.

In the next step you will have to search for your model name, e.g. ‘infinity’, and clicking on the model line you will find the user manual for the product.
To download the manual in the correct language, click on the flag of your native language.

> Go to the manuals site


If you would like to know the features of our products, you can download our catalog.
In the catalog you will find useful information such as the dimensions of the various products, energy consumption and the capacity of the trolleys/trolleys.
Our products are designed for maximum efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness.

To make it easier for you to consult the catalog, we have included a link to the corresponding section on each page of the website dedicated to the model you are interested in.

> Download our catalog

Technical Product Assistance

If you need technical assistance with your product, please contact our after-sales service by email: service@afinox.com.

Our team is made up of people highly specialized that who can understand any problem with your product.

Authorized Afinox Dealer

Do you have a pizzeria, bakery or any other restaurant business and and you don’t know Afinox authorized dealers are?

Don’t worry, contact our sales department where you will find people ready to direct you to one of our dealers in your area.

Contact these email addresses if you live in:

Argentina – Spain – Bolivia-  Colombia – Chile – Perù – Mexico – Germany – Switzerland – Belgium – Uruguay – Paraguay – Brazil – Netherlands – Portugal: comm1@afinox.com

Austria – Slovenia – Slovakia-  Croatia – Australia – Bulgaria – Belarus – Denmark – Finland – Hungary – Iceland – Norway – Ireland – Armenia – New Zealand – USA – Saudi Arabia – Turkey – Singapore: comm2@afinox.com

France – Estonia – Latvia – Czech Republic – Poland – Luxembourg – Morocco – Monaco – Greece – Cyprus – Romania – Tunisia: comm3@afinox.com