For your production workshop

Do you need to increase production to reach new sales channels? 

The first goal when talking about large-scale distribution and retailing is standardising product quality.

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience and numerous projects carried out in the field of large scale distribution, Afinox can provide valuable help: multifunction blast chillers for trolleys or cook & chill stations designed for massive and standardised production. Retarder provers for industrial laboratories for the production of leavened goods and bakery products. Refrigerated counters for storing and preparing food, display cases for displaying and selling wines or beer.

Equipment that can be easily used by every operator of large-scale distribution and industrial production.

Blast Chilling and Freezing

Cook & Chill

cook chill

Refrigerated tables

Retarder provers

For display

Perfect organisation and use of spaces is a fundamental aspect, not to be neglected in the point of sale.

For this Afinox offers a line with a modern design and style for storing wine and beer.

In the shop too, it is important that the look is right, so you present yourself in the best possible light.

Wine display cabinets