Drop in Plus buffet display units

Soul Plus

Built-in wells, shelves and displays

Extremely versatile, the Soul Plus drop-in wells and glass displays are designed to ensure excellent visibility for dishes and exposed foods. Available in several built-in versions: in a cabinet, in a piece of furniture, or on a stand-alone chassis frame coverable according to the customer’s needs.

In AISI 304 stainless steel, the Soul Plus drop-in wells and glass displays are equipped with universal glass superstructures with chrome or stainless steel uprights, easily adaptable to all types of environment.

Low energy consumption LED lighting in the refrigerated versions or with heating lamps in the hot versions.

Green Plus

Static refrigerated wells

Lime Plus

Static refrigerated surface

Blue Plus

Refrigerated wells/planes with horizontal ventilation

Blue Platinum Plus

Self-service refrigerated display cabinets

Red Plus

Bain-marie wells

Orange Plus

Dry wells

Brown Plus

Dry wells for heating