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Soul Red Plus

Bain-marie wells

Bain-marie wells, with a rounded and diamond-cut bottom to facilitate water drainage and perfect cleaning and hygiene.

Automatic water loading, exhaust with overflow tube and serial level control that prevents operation in case of water shortage.

Heating with external heating elements with safety thermostat that prevents overheating.


Tray capacity (GN): 2

Range: +60/+99 °C

Dimensions mm.: 844x650x290

Hole dimensions mm.: 814×620

Tray capacity (GN): 3

Range: +60/+90 °C

Dimensions mm.: 1169x650x290

Hole dimensions mm.: 1139×620

Tray capacity (GN): 4

Range: +60/+99 °C

Dimensions mm.: 1494x650x290

Hole dimensions mm.: 1464×620

Tray capacity (GN): 5

Range: +60/+99 °C

Dimensions mm.: 1819x650x290

Hole dimensions mm.: 1789×620

Tray capacity (GN): 6

Range: +60/+99 °C

Dimensions mm.: 2144x650x290

Hole dimensions mm.: 2114×620

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