Drop in buffet display units

Soul Orange Plus

Dry wells

Dry hot wells with rounded bottom for perfect cleaning and hygiene.

Suitable for containment of GN 1/1 pans (H = 200mm max) with housing on the edge of the top.

Heating with resistances positioned outside the well with a safety thermostat that prevents overheating.


Tray capacity (GN): 2

Range: +60/+99 °C

Dimensions mm.: 844x650x290

Hole dimensions mm.: 814×620

Tray capacity (GN): 3

Range: +60/+99 °C

Dimensions mm.: 1169x650x290

Hole dimensions mm.: 1139×620

Tray capacity (GN): 4

Range: +60/+99 °C

Dimensions mm.: 1494x650x290

Hole dimensions mm.: 1464×620

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