La Bomboniera Pastry Shop – Trieste

pasticceria la bomboniera


Given that the leavening season is approaching, we thought we’d take you on a discovery of a place that exudes the charm of times gone by, the guardian of Trieste’s ancient confectionery tradition.

Lavish nineteenth-century atmospheres and echoes of the Austria-Hungary Empire welcome you as soon as you walk through the opulent doors of the Pasticceria La Bomboniera in Trieste, a creative workshop that dates back to 1836.

This place, where it seems that time has stopped, still has recipes that evoke the ancient flavours of the past, the most authentic and characteristic of an era.

Leavened products such as the Trieste Presnitz have been baked with passion and dedication for almost 200 years in the same wood oven, together with wedding cakes and the inevitable Sacher, made with the traditional recipe of the empire.

pasticceria la bomboniera


Tradition without solid technological innovation would not lead to the desired successes, so for this reason, Pasticceria La Bomboniera has chosen to use Afinox products to optimise productivity, diversify the range and simplify the processing phases, rendering everything easier and automatic.

In collaboration with GLC service, we have installed Mekano Pro, our retarding prover to easily program and manage the work, obtaining a dough that is always perfectly leavened even when there is no operator.

As a result, no night or holiday working, and always excellent quality!