Ristorante Il Moro Fiumicino

ristorante il moro

If you want to have a unique food and wine experience, linked to the flavours of the Mediterranean, we recommend Il Moro in Fiumicino.

What makes this restaurant so special? The fact that, more than 70 years after it opened, it has not yet stopped believing in innovation.

That’s why its menu offers dishes that skilfully combine the tradition of local cuisine with the flavours of sushi fusion.

As with every great challenge, the help of good friends and strong allies is needed.

ristorante il mororistorante il moro

The winning combination is a super close-knit crew, inside and outside the kitchen, who want to train and learn about the most innovative and modern techniques for preparing fish (and more!).

The training is related to the most efficient use of the Infinity 15 all-in-one?

  • Slow cooking
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Rapid blast chilling cycles (essential for enjoying excellent seafood crudité in total safety)

An interesting fact from our Corporate Chef A. Pantaleone:

Did you know that you can prepare fresh and inviting tuna tartare in advance, thanks to the invaluable support of Infinity technology? Contact us if you want to know more info@afinoxc.com

If you also have a restaurant or a fish shop with a food corner on the Lazio coast, do not hesitate to contact our dealer DBL.

You will receive an attentive and professional consultancy service to best meet the needs of your business.