A dream location where wishes come true. Villa dei Desideri is an exclusive place, located at the gates of Rome and characterised by 1000 square metres of garden park, 2 indoor rooms and seating for 400.

Even in the kitchen!

Every detail of this enchanting location for ceremonies is refined and elegant.

Not only care of the aesthetics of the interior and exterior spaces for the reception, but also meticulous gastronomic research, thanks to the internal kitchen service, entrusted to the Chef and his brigade.

Identifying and satisfying needs. How to make each event unique

The objective of a high-level catering service, designed to create unique and unrepeatable events, is to accommodate every request and satisfy it in the best possible way. In the culinary field, there are increasingly frequent requests for special requirements: vegetarian, vegan, dishes for people suffering from intolerances or particular tastes.

The solution: infinity 10 GN2/1 ALL IN ONE

To provide refined fresh products, cooked and served at the right time, Infinity is the ideal ally in the kitchen: thanks to its numerous automatic and customisable cycles, the Chef can prepare the best possible menu, according to specific needs and without incurring unforeseen unpleasant events at the last moment.

How to make best use of the equipment: chef to chef training

It is not enough to choose the right machine to put in the kitchen. To understand how to make the most of it and to make sure you get a return on your investment, you need the support of the right partner (if you are from Rome and the surrounding area and want more information on the dealer who handled this project, visit the GIMA website or contact us).

Competence and training are indispensable. Contact us and get the personalised advice of our Corporate Chef.