Drop in buffet display units

Tradition Plus

Tradition, classic taste of rich substance!

Great class distinguishes the Tradition Plus food islands, made of stainless steel AISI 304 with robust chrome-plated steel frame on wheels and an innovative laminate finish that is easily adaptable to any environment.

The Tradition Plus food islands are sophisticated and prestigious bridge superstructures with electrically lowerable cloak and low energy LED lighting in refrigerated versions and fixed cloak and heating lamps in hot versions.

Available in several models, hot or refrigerated, Tradition Plus food islands are welded with a rounded and diamond base to facilitate water drainage and perfect cleaning and hygiene.

Green Plus

Refrigerated islands with static tank

Lime Plus

Refrigerated islands with static plan

Blue Plus

Refrigerated islands with ventilated bath

Red Plus

Warm islands with bain-marie tub

Orange Plus

Warm islands with dry tub

Brown Plus

Warm islands with tempered glass top

Tradition Plus Kinder

Islands with tempered glass top or refrigerated with ventilated tank for kindergartens.