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Mekano PRO

Retarder Prover

  • Why use a retarder prover cell?

This is an innovative tool that provides many benefits that can revolutionize the work of pastry makers and bakers.

  • No more night and holiday work.

Easy programming ensures a perfectly leavened dough even in the absence of the operator.

  • Better organization of work.

Who wouldn’t want to plan and manage easily their work without having to worry about guaranteeing always fresh and qualitatively flawless product?

  • Stop the waste.

Being able to handle the production in the best way also means producing less scraps and leftovers.

  • Final goal: product quality!

Every craftsman first of all wants to offer a unique and quality product. With retarded proving, it is possible to program automatically and individually each working phase.

Find out how to revolutionize your bakery or pastry shop.

Mekano PRO is the novelty of Afinox, born to ensure the best results for bread and pastry professionals.

It facilitates the processing of all leavened products, enhancing the quality of the dough and revolutionizing the organization of your bakery or pastry shop.

The touch control system simplifies the handling of automatic and manual cycles, customizable for delicate leavening phases of bread, pizza, buns, crackers, biscuits and sweets.

Essential to block the fermentation of yeast both at the beginning of the process and after leavening (if you want to postpone the baking).

To obtain at the selected time a perfectly leavened dough ready to be put in the oven Maintenance. Useful to keep the dough at a constant temperature of + 3° C until baking.

Mekano Green PRO: a unique irreplaceable tool for your pastry and bakery workshop.