Refrigerated tables


The TRK 600 refrigerated counters, built entirely of stainless steel AISI 304, are catering counters at normal temperature, ideal for those who have small sized work environments.

Thanks to their depth of only 600 mm, they guarantee the maximum working convenience with minimal space.

The range of refrigerated catering counters TRK600 is available in models with built-in or pre-installed condenser units.

TRK 600 is the new compact line of refrigerated catering counters, available in 2, 3 or 4-door versions with engine or designed for remote connection.

Fully designed in stainless steel, the refrigerated TRK 600 counter is also available in simple worktop,  worktop with splashback or without worktop versions.

The normal temperature range (0/+8°C), the use of R134 refrigerant gas and the supplied interior accessories make this refrigerated work counter the easiest choice for those who want a robust and complete counter 600 mm depth!

TRK 602

2 doors
Depth 600 mm

TRK 603

3 doors
Depth 600 mm

TRK 604

4 doors
Depth 600 mm