Pizza counters and tables

Spring Plus VRS

With glass

The new refrigerated display cabinet for ingredients VRS Plus with depth 395mm (for GN1/3), made of stainless steel AISI 304, thanks to the static refrigeration system, is ideal for keeping the freshness of seasonings and stuffings.

Ingredients always at your fingertips, thanks to refrigerators of different lengths, with or without cover (glass or stainless steel).

Choose the ingredient display cabinet that fits you best.

Range: +2/+7 °C

R290 gas refrigeration

Capacitative control

  • 4 trays GN1/3 – mm. 1100x395x492
  • 5 trays GN1/3 – mm. 1260x395x492
  • 5 trays GN1/3 – mm. 1300x395x492
  • 6 trays GN1/3 – mm. 1450x395x492
  • 8 trays GN1/3 – mm. 1815x395x492
  • 9 trays GN1/3 – mm. 2005x395x492
  • 12 trays GN1/3 – mm. 2560x395x492

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