Pizza counters and tables

Spring Pizza Plus

Born from the Afinox experience in professional pizza preparation equipment, SPRING PIZZA PLUS is the new and complete line of refrigerated pizza counters designed to guarantee maximum flexibility and versatility in the work of pizza professionals.

A family of pizza prep counters available in many variants and customizations, enriched with refrigerated superstructures, for always fresh, at hand ingredients, neutral chest drawers for easy dough-handling, standard interior accessories and many optional extras.

SPRING PIZZA PLUS is the ideal choice for every pizza maker who wants the highest quality and personalization in the composition of his workstation.

Discover the ideal counter for preparing the perfect pizza!

Spring Pizza Plus 820

2 doors

Spring Pizza Plus 821

2 doors + 6 drawers

Spring Pizza Plus 830

3 doors

Spring Pizza Plus 831

3 doors + 6 drawers

Spring Pizza Plus 840

4 doors