Blast chillers and shock freezers

Infinity 10 RAT all-in-one

Blast chilling: 40 kg
Freezing: 28 kg
Shelves: 10 GN1/1

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel

Control panel: TOUCH screen 9”, front, top of the door

Tray distances: 70mm

Probe to the heart: Multipoint (4 reading points T°C)

Supply: 400V/3Ph/50Hz

Refrigerant gas: R 452 A

Ice cream tubs: 15

Feet in stainless steel

External dimensions: 830x982x1795mm

  • Blast chilling
  • Freezing
  • SRC defrosting
  • Leavening
  • Slow cooking
  • Combined cycle
  • Evocloud supervisor and remote control cable kit
  • Tracer application
  • Wireless core probe
  • Heated probe
  • Removable filter CO2 evaporator
  • Wheels

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