Blast chillers and shock freezers


Blast chilling speed within a touch!

Speed 5 small

Blast chilling: 11 kg
Freezing: 9 kg
Shelves: 5 GN1/1-5 EN 60×40

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel

Control panel: Touch control system, with dynamic LED display (possibility to choose between 5 languages) under the door

Tray distances: 40 mm

Probe to the heart:

Supply: 230V/50Hz

Refrigerant gas: R452A

Ice cream tubs: 6

Feet in stainless steel

External dimensions:

  • Mod. S 680x690x h850mm (with stainless steel top 680x690x h20mm)
  • Mod. S A700 680x690x h870+100mm (with stainless steel top 680x700x h40mm  + upstand h100mm)
  • Mod. S V700 680x690x h870mm (with stainless steel top 680x700x h40mm)
  • Mod. S A800 680x690x h880+100mm (with stainless steel top 680x800x h50mm + upstand h100mm)
  • Mod. S V800 680x690x h880mm (with stainless steel top 690x800x h 50mm)
  • Mod. S SP 680x690x h830mm (without top)

  • Blast chilling
  • Freezing
  • SRC defrosting
  • LED light
  • Wheels

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