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      Display your dishes in total safety! Discover our display line: built-in basins and tops, hot or cold buffets, refrigerated display cabinets. A complete range of self-service or assisted-service displays.

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      Which model should you choose?

      Cold Models

      GREEN – Static cold well units

      As you know the cold air goes spontaneously downwards. That is why you should choose a drop-in with lowered housing. Remember that the correct temperature also depends on environmental conditions. Furthermore, it’s important to choose the perfect size and height of the GN containers on which food is displayed:

      • Pans and trays with different depths
      • Drilled raised shelves to put ceramic containers,
        plates, or trays on

      Remember:: the most appropriate food display depends on the right superstructure too.

      BLUE – Ventilated cold well units

      Ventilated refrigeration is synonymous with temperature uniformity.

      During the entire service, horizontal ventilation on the product, whether exposed in GN pans or trays, gives the chance to offer fresh food all the time, in full compliance with HACCP regulations.

      It is advisable to cover the most delicate products, in order to avoid surface drying.

      LIME – Static cold tops units

      A low-depth display surface is ideal for portioned fresh products. The right temperature will be guaranteed by the contact between the refrigerated top and the plate chosen for the mise en place.

      For a perfect service it is recommended not to place food directly on the top surface. This ensures the compliance with high hygiene standards. Besides that, it prevents the formation of hoarfrost as well as the unpleasant softening of food. Not only can fresh products be served on GN pans or trays, but also in elegant ceramics or modern finger food containers!

      BLUE PLATINUM – Ventilated refrigerated display showcases for self-service

      A multi-shelf display solution is ideal to serve a variety of prêt à manger products.

      Sliding or flap glasses can keep the perfect temperature inside the showcase during the whole duration of the service, so that an easy choice of the product is allowed.

      Which model should you choose?

      Hot Models

      RED – Heated bain-marie well units

      A display system based on bain-marie heat transmission is the most appropriate solution to offer warm, soft, and juicy dishes as if they were just cooked.

      It is recommended to use GN lids and a superstructure equipped with heating lamps to keep the desired temperature for a long time.

      BROWN – Heated glass top units

      The perfect drop-in display to enhance a wide range of hot products.
      The large surface, warmed by a heating element located under the top, is divided into well-marked GN1/1 areas.

      This allows to display hot dishes and fragrant bakery products at their best, as if they were freshly baked. The dimmer placed on the control panel is used to regulate the heat while the halogen heating lamps installed on superstructure help keeping the most suitable service temperature.

      ORANGE – Heated dry well units

      A heated well featuring dry heat transmission by means of a heating wire, is the best solution to serve hot and fragrant food as it was freshly baked, even without using
      a connection to load/unload water.

      This service system, ideal for fast-moving products, gives its better performance with 200mm deep GN trays and superstructure with heating lamps.

      Safe service. Always.


      For self-service and assisted service

      Contactless superstructures and glass superstructures

      To meet the highest standards in food safety, health and worker protection, Afinox has developed technological solutions to cope with the Covid emergency that has also affected the catering sector.

      Contactless self-service superstructures and glass assisted-service superstructures: the best systems to make your service safer, more efficient and compliant with applicable laws.

      Find out how it works in this video!



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