Do you need a tool that allows you to connect remotely with your Afinox machine wherever you are?

EvoCLOUD is the innovative cloud computing service by Afinox that allows to stay always connected to your multifunction assistant.

You will get Username and Password to login, easily check the real-time status of appliances and read data records: HACCP logbook, parameters set and alarm messages will be available whenever you want and wherever you are.


Thanks to Web App Evolution (the remote-control function of EvoCLOUD) you will be the protagonist of your preparations.

Web app Evolution permits to take complete control of all appliances from remote and makes the work easier for you and your staff, in a simple and intuitive way.

Set working cycles and check the progress wherever you are from smartphone or tablet, as if you were in front of the machine!

What do you need? A wired Internet connection, a mobile or desktop device and a personal profile to access Afinox EvoCLOUD.

Why choose the remote connection service?

EvoCLOUD and Web App Evolution are indispensable instruments to achieve:

1) Management costs reduction, thanks to the remote and real-time control of the appliance

2) Reduced downtime and cost cutting, thanks to e-mail notifications and targeted analysis that consent timely interventions

3) Improved efficiency of the entire production cycle, thanks to an interconnected data management system

4) Guaranteed reliability thanks to full lots traceability, before and after the cycle, in accordance with HACCP regulations.


With EvoCloud you have complete control of the work processes, connecting the various components of the production chain to each other.
Remote control is available for:

• Restaurateur / pastry chef etc.
• Dealer / assistance
• Manufacturer

With EVOCLOUD, no more downtime!
The retailer or the service or assistance manager can pick up any blockages more quickly or manage requests of the restaurant owner without necessarily having to intervene on site.

How to activate the service?

  • Once the subscription is activated, the dashboard of the cloud computing service is available.
  • Just enter your log-in credentials and have complete access to the most important information regarding the appliances connected.
  • Click on the Evolution Web-app icon and take the full remote control of the machine. Remote working has never been so easy!

Would you like more information on EvoCloud and how it works?

FILL IN THE FORM OR WRITE TO comm@afinox.com